Market Research to understand the nature of the UK wind turbine market.

About the Customer

The customer is a well-known operator of wind turbines within the UK. It has in recent years been involved in the planning, consenting, and construction of wind farms. In recent years, the customer has also started to show more interest in managing O&M. Further to positive feedback from the customer on the quality of service delivery, JBPRM Ltd remain an ongoing supplier and operate on a long-term service agreement. As the market in which the customer operates becomes even more active and many of the existing assets are creeping towards 20 years old, the customer was eager to understand the potential avenues for revenue generation including the deployment of new technology. JBPRM was approached to provide a clearer picture of what was possible and how technology could be most valued.

Market Research

With both experience and contacts within the Renewables market, JBPRM Ltd were well placed to conduct a research project to answer many of the questions that were being asked. Over a period of two months, using multiple sources, a clear understanding of the path to success was delivered, as part of a 40-page report. As part of the project, a database of key data to inform future planning, was initiated.

Product Development & Strategy Support

JBPRM Ltd, with a strong knowledge in Product Strategy, was able to evaluate a current technology that was being tabled for development. The evaluation was both technical and commercial and focused on where the technology was most likely to deliver the most value both on wind farms and other renewable assets. An assessment of competitors coupled with the nature of the key natures of deployment of the technology was provided to the customer in the form of a report.

Strategy Sessions

In tandem and post this research, JBPRM Ltd were invited to the customers headquarters, to take part in strategy planning session. During this session, with JBPRM Ltd as lead, several scenarios were created that provided credible future outcomes and routes to revenue generation using both existing resources, and potentially new development programmes.

JBPRM Delivered Services

  • Market Research
  • Marketing Strategy Support
  • Product Development Support


JBPRM have the experience and expertise to build and develop sales streams for start-ups, and small to medium sized businesses operating in the Power & Energy markets. These sales streams can be for new product launches, existing products that simply need a helping hand, or perhaps a more general sales push across multiple product or service lines. Our industrial marketing can put you in front of the perfect solutions.