Where Do We Deliver Value?

There are some good reasons why choosing JBPRM as your next Marketing & Business Development Partner, makes a great deal of sense.

1. Serving Process, Power and Energy – We Speak Your Language

We focus on supporting companies who operate in our specialist sectors. This means we can speak their language and grasp technical concepts quickly. With Consultant Director Jonathan Brindley as the focal point within the JBPRM business, clients can be confident that detailed challenges faced, along with proposed activity plans, will be assimilated in the context of sector drivers.

2. A Risk-Free Alternative to Upfront Investment

Investing time and money into hiring, recruiting and managing marketing and lead generation team is a high-risk strategy if everything is not just right. This is particularly risky when attempting to create, develop, grow, and control your brand in the UK when your business is not a UK resident company. JBPRM is pleased to offer businesses a risk-free alternative to this significant investment. With an expert on your side, we will support you through until your business is both positioned and ready to invest for the future.

3. Embedded Chartered Marketer – Just Plug & Play

Our simple model enables our clients to have an industrial marketing specialist embedded within their business. Furthermore, we’ve spent time building a team of industry experts to support the CM, so you don’t have to. As specialist consultants to the business, they have demonstrated value for money, offering their services to JBPRM at preferential rates, meaning these savings can be passed onto our clients.

4. We Operate a Client Focused Approach

We understand that there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when it comes to your business. A CM will conduct a thorough Wants-Needs Assessment to establish how we can best support your company’s development phase & structure, objectives and goals, to budget and within a measurable time frame.

5. We Offer an Effective ‘Sales First, Marketing Later’ Approach

As well as offering first rate Marketing Services, JBPRM can also support the creation of sustainable sales pipelines. We understand that it is often the case, that before significant investment in Marketing Communications (Events, PR, & Advertising to name but a few) can take place, sustainable sales income is required to effectively pay for it. We therefore offer this Sales first, Marketing later approach as it provides both a practical and realistic solution to growing their businesses.

6. A Seamless Integrated Service

As an integrated and holistic business development service, JBPRM will be a key catalyst for growth. Spanning the end-to-end value chain of a business, our value lies in our ability to understand your business, develop close communication with internal stakeholders, and continually seek working synergies.

7. Minimal Overheads

Our service is centred around the expertise of our Managing Consultant and our long established specialists in all matters business development and marketing. Our clients have a single point of contact with other resources being deployed only when necessary. This means JBPRM has little overhead and these savings are passed to customers.

8. One Single PO

If your company is using several companies and wasting time and effort on admin, and finding that nothing is actually joined together, we are your answer. We have a tried and tested model that simply delivers a joined up approach meaning everyone is on the same page.

Words of Comfort – A Positive Spin

“Jonathan’s ability to understand what we are saying to a high level of detail, formulate the options, drive through agreements across our technical managers and commercial team, and then to work the requirements with his team, has been outstanding. I have no hesitation recommending other companies using JBPRM or speaking highly of the service we continue to receive.”

                                                Managing Director – A Leading Energy Services Provider


To discuss how JBPRM could support your business achieve its aspirations, Get in touch.