Born From Industry

JBPRM Industrial Marketing was formed in 2017 by Jonathan Brindley. After spending more than twenty years working with various industry leading companies, Jonathan Brindley’s ambition to start his own consultancy became a reality. At the end of 2017, with the support of ex-colleagues and known industry specialists, JBPRM Industrial Marketing was born.

Since 1997, Jonathan’s career has seen him manage marketing and business development departments within some of the largest engineering companies in the world; these  include Rittal, Alstom Power (now GE), and Doosan Babcock. He remains highly respected within the engineering sector for his passion, drive, and commitment to the task at hand.  In 2014, he played an integral part in the review of the Sales & Marketing National Occupational Standards (NOS), and in 2016 he was elected FCIM by the CIM Board of Fellows. Jonathan also continues to be an active member of the CIM Levitt Marketing Group.

Trusted, Energised, and Capable

We work as a trusted partner with business owners, Managing Directors, and Sales and Marketing leaders across several engineering sectors. Our clients are typically start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses who have high growth ambitions and are realistic about the need for an integrated marketing and business development strategy.

How We Work

As a chartered consultant, Jonathan Brindley manages all our initial client interactions. This ensures that engineering concepts and even the most complex needs of our clients are fully understood. Only when these requirements have been successfully understood, do our trusted partner specialists become involved. With modern conferencing technology, JBPRM delivers a seemless service to our clients.

Knowledge is to be Shared

In line with JBs core values, a guiding principle of JBPRM is to support its customers understand and appreciate the true potential of Marketing. So, aside from driving the development of sustainable revenue streams for client businesses, the development of marketing’s role in growing their business, remains a fundamental goal.

JBPRM are a holistic, integrated marketing and development solution that immediately embed resources and value into your business, whether you’re looking to enter the process, power or energy market or simply improve your position within it.

We offer a Complete Marketing & Business Development Solution

Working together, we’ll support you in delivering on key business development areas such as lead generation, brand design and strategy, the writing of technical articles across industry journals, digital campaigns including website development and SEO, and more. Whether you’re looking to develop these services from scratch or inject some rocket fuel into your current marketing and sales team, JBPRM is a comprehensive and strategic ally.

To learn more about how JBPRM can support your business to grow in the future and find out about the services we offer, take a look at our brochure.