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B2B (business to business) marketing refers to any marketing or content strategy that’s geared towards other businesses or organisations. B2B marketing is very different to B2C (business to consumer) marketing, in terms of respective strategies, applications and target audience, which is why an entirely different approach is needed.

Typically, B2B marketing targets the needs, interests and challenges of those who are buying on behalf of their organisation. Because of this, there tends to be more of a focus on ROI, efficiency and expertise. Organisations are logical investors, whereas individual consumers are typically more emotional, responding to campaigns that appeal to their individual interests, needs or challenges.

Why is B2B marketing important? 

Technology has caused a paradigm shift in the way we sell and market today, especially with regards to B2B.

More so than with consumers, those making buying decisions for companies will spend extra time researching your brand before making a purchase. Thanks to the internet, this is something they can do with ease, from just about anywhere. It’s therefore likely that potential clients will have been observing your company long before they reach out to you, making it even more important that you have an exceptionally strong presence online and through any other marketing channels.

In fact, a solid B2B marketing strategy is the no. 1 factor that’s essential to the survival and success of your company – perhaps even more than sales. Of course, selling your products and services is your goal, but any sales will be few and far between without a robust B2B internet marketing strategy, simply because of how people are initially coming into contact with your brand.

The internet has made it easier to be seen by potential clients, but has brought challenges, too. Not least how it’s levelled the playing field among competitors.

Marketing is no longer a case of who has the largest budget and who can afford the most elaborate channel marketing campaign. Digital marketing is nuanced and requires more – especially from B2B companies. With so much competition these days, B2B buyers are looking for excuses NOT to go with your brand. A poor first impression of your company will be all the reason they need. Positioning your offering in an added value manner ensures the best possible chance of them progressing with you.

Strategy is important 

With B2C, an effective campaign can be put out across wider channels and a percentage of the market will be driven to buy the goods or services. B2B marketing, however, needs to be much more specialised and focused on the needs of the prospect, so that services can be more effectively tailored to them.

This is why B2B strategy is so important.

Strategy brings a long-standing commercial vision to life, while executing individual goals and tasks along the way. It’s perhaps the most important component of any B2B marketing plan, since even the most creative and well-intended vision means nothing if you do not have the tools or expertise to implement it in a practical manner.

A thoroughly mapped out B2B marketing strategy will bring prospects to your site, build engagement and ultimately increase sales and revenue. But before building a strategy, it’s vital that a B2B marketer understands their customer’s needs. At the core of B2B marketing is the ability to foster lasting relationships – an essential goal for any business, whether a large corporation or SME.

JBPRM understands what companies in the power and energy sectors are looking for from B2B sellers and can work with you to build a strategy that positions you, firmly, at the front of their minds.

We’ll support you in delivering on key business development areas such as lead generation, brand design and strategy, website development, PR, SEO and more. Whether you’re looking to grow these services from scratch or inject some rocket fuel into your current marketing and sales team, JBPRM is a comprehensive and strategic ally.

Between creative demands, budget limits and channel decisions, B2B marketers have a lot to juggle. The biggest consideration, however, is and should always be your audience which, for B2B, has an entirely different set of requirements than the average consumer.

To make sure your promotions, advertisements and all other efforts aren’t falling on deaf ears, approach any B2B marketing strategy with the buyer persona firmly in mind. We can help.

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