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JBPRM is pleased to announce that it has partnered with SPH Engineering to deliver drone-based sensor solutions. Under the long-term agreement JBPRM will be responsible for marketing, sales, and service including customer demonstrations and training.

SPH Engineering was founded in 2013 and employs a team of world leading engineering professionals. SPH Engineering’s team has become synonymous with innovation. The company offers unmanned systems integration services: building, acquiring and consulting on the selection of airframes, autopilots, payloads for a particular application and performing proof of concept projects and software development.

Airborne Integrated Solutions


Compatible Drone Packages

  • If you need a UAV drone system as well as a UgCS industrial Sensor kit, we can provide the full solution
  • We offer three drone systems that are compatible with the UgCS range of sensors. These UAV are manufactured by the market leading drone company DJI.
  • We offer these systems as a package so you can rest assured, you’re getting spare batteries, a fast charger, and protective carry case.
  • We are also able to offer comprehensive drone training and ongoing support through our DJI drone service partners

System Demonstrations

  • Before you invest, get an understanding of the core components of a UgCS  drone-based industrial sensor system. This includes an appreciation of the hardware and software integration, and the basic configuration
  • See the system fly – appreciate how effortlessly the system integrates with UgCS mission control software
  • Data downloads and analysis – we will show you how data is downloaded and imported into software tools.
  • For demonstrations, we fly the M600 Pro with payload RadSysZond-12e 500A Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). This GPR is ideal for utilities surveying up to 5m in typical soils.

Bathymetric Drone

  • Supported sensors – Echo Sounder or GPR – can be selected based on the water depth, required sensitivity, and water properties
  • It is easy to transport deploy and has the ability to operate at hard to reach locations, unsafe or hazardous environment
  • The drone makes bathymetric surveys 10 times faster and 2 times more cost-efficient compared with a standard approach using a ship, a boat or an unmanned surface vehicle

Search & Inspection Sonar Sensor

  • A rapidly deployable solution for freshwater applications such as those found in rivers, streams, and lakes, and saltwater applications such as tidal rivers, estuaries and coasts.
  • Answers questions previously only possible by deploying a remote submersible vessel or diving teams saving considerable time and cost.
  • Made possible through the seamless integration of proven and trusted technology; UgCS Pro, UgCS SkyHub and True Terrain Following (TTF), Imagenex sonar technology at 300Khz and 800Khz.

GPR+Drone Integrated System

The onboard computer UgCS SkyHub enables full integration of the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and a drone

  • Status of the radar’s and drone’s current trace is displayed on the screen of UgCS
  • Data logging is started automatically at take-off and finished upon landing
  • Radar’s data is geotagged with GPS coordinates from the autopilot
  • The integrated system guarantees the delivery of accurate survey results, is safer for personnel and is more time-efficient.

Online Airborne GPR Training

UgCS GPR training course is the first of its kind in the world.
It consists of several modules where each module corresponds to a particular skill set required for the successful use of a GPR system integrated with a drone.

Apply for a unique training course to learn how to do airborne GPR surveys in an efficient way >>>


Magnetometer | MagArrow

Ultra-sensitive hi-end lightweight magnetometer for UAV

The system consists of the MagArrow magnetometer mounted on a drone. Survey missions are planned and flown in automatic mode with UgCS. The adding of the onboard computer UgCS SkyHub enables the drone to fly in True Terrain Following (TTF) mode with the help of the radar altimeter and logs precise flight track to refine MagArrow’s data.


Magnetometer+MagDrone R3

SENSYS MagDrone is a Fluxgate magnetometer system and therefore is able to detect any magnetic metals/materials. It is applicable to:

  • Searching for UXO (unexploded ordnance)
  • Locating buried infrastructure (metal pipes and shielded cables)
  • Archaeology
  • Surveying for any metal objects weighing a few hundred grams or heavier lying underground.

Altimeter For true Terrain Following

True Terrain Following mode enables the drone to fly at low AGL altitudes (up to 1 meter) without a need to import precise Digital Elevation Model (DEM) height-map into UgCS. To fly in True Terrain Following mode the onboard UgCS SkyHub computer is required.


Drone Based Methane Detector

Laser Methane Copter (LMC) v.2, is the latest creation of Pergam-Suisse, a manufacturer, distributor and service provider of world-leading gas leak detection systems and SPH Engineering, world’s premier provider of mission planning software and drone integrated systems.

  • A high-sensitivity laser methane gas detector can pick up even the tiniest leaks from the 30-meter height.
  • The device is only sensitive to methane, so no false readings of other gases are possible.
  • The onboard computer UgCS SkyHub transfers detector’s data instantly to the remote control (RC) of the drone and to UgCS software.

Supported Drones and Autopilots

Currently UgCS industrial drone based solutions are compatible with DJI M600, M600 Pro, DJI M210, and custom-built UAV based on the DJI A3 flight controller.


DJI M600/M600 PRO (incl.RTK)


DJI M210/210v2 (incl.RTK)


(coming soon)DJI M300


DJI A3 (custom built)


Pixhawk with ArduCopter

  • UgCS (Universal ground Control Software) – a software for central management of all types and manufacturers of unmanned vehicles, enabling to control one or a fleet of drones on a single mission in multi-operator mode and multi-platform environments. Ease of integration and adding support for new vehicles or payloads is achieved by the modular architecture of UgCS. UgCS Mapper – offline mapping tool to create high-quality 2D or 3D orthophoto maps with the option to generate elevation models and stitched orthophoto maps can now be automatically added as map overlays into UgCS with just a push of a button.
  • UgCS CC – solution for Police, Search and Rescue (SAR), Firefighter and Security services Command centres, enables more precise situation assessment, decision making and effective management of first responder teams, providing more efficient resolution of a disaster situation. Drone pilots onsite provide data of drone’s location and live video stream to Command centre via a secure connection. Command centre operator can track the real-time position of drone, mark points of interest for detailed onsite investigation or take manual control over drone and camera.
  • DroneShowSoftware is developed to manage a swarm of drones equipped with lights, fireworks, smoke generators or other payloads for astonishing shows. The drone choreography can be planned in 3D animation software, transformed to drone flight paths via a plugin and managed from a single computer equipped with DroneShowSoftware.


Delivering first-class industrial drone inspection technology together with first class service to the UK & Ireland.

JBPRM Ltd & SPH Engineering

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