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UAV Search & Inspection Sonar Sensor

UgCS GPR Ground Penetrating Radar

The Thurn QuickDip SideScan Sonar system is a breakthrough in UAV drone-based sonar search & inspection / recovery.

This sensor system is designed to support:

  • Diver submerged infrastructure inspections
  • Search and Recovery missions
  • Scour (fluvial erosion) projects
  • River Channel Assessments
  • Debris and object detection

Inspections and can provide answers to questions previously only possible by deployment of a diving team. Therefore, the system has capability to save both time and cost.

A total solution has been developed by integrating using proven and trusted technology using:

  • QuickDip + SideScan Integration Kit
  • SkyHub with TTF, UgCS Pro Software + 1 year support and update package
  • Imagenex Side Scan Sonar Technology
  • System Cables & Mounting Pack
  • HYPACK Marine Search Software + 1 year support & update package
  • Protective Carry Kit Cases
  • System Training (4 Days)

A drone is not included in this supply. Current supported drones are DJI M600Pro, M300RTK, and drones with Pixhawk + Ardupilot: Copter autopilots and the lifting capacity required (2.3kg).

See our LinkedIn Video here: Sonar Sensor