Delivering Clear Communication

The use of appropriate systems, processes and procedures need to be clearly communicated in order to optimise operational activities. At JBPRM, our technical author provides clients with concise and unambiguous text that exceeds expectations.

Working independently or alongside you in-house technical documentation team, we’re equipped to provide content for manuals, online help, education or instruction. Our technical author has an innate ability to describe how products and services work and how they can be applied or used in a way that’s highly-detailed and yet easy to understand.

JBPRM can author: 

  • QHSE e.g. policies, procedures, & guidance
  • Learning & Training e.g. course manuals, competency manuals
  • Technical Operations & Service e.g. policies, procedures, & guidance
  • General Technical Publications

Authoring for Various Applications

We offer a full scope of communication methods and choose the right communication method that will be effective for the target audience.  Some examples include:

  • A user guide for a wind turbine gearbox maintenance application
  • Reference and instruction manuals for an ROV used for supporting an inspection service.
  • Service procedures, equipment operating guides, or perhaps training guides, instructional videos or even online help for complex remote monitoring software packages.
  • Product or service awareness and interest campaigns using software demos and interactive tutorials, wikis, blogs and podcasts, using video, illustrations and graphics.

Documentation Fit for Purpose

At JBPRM, we appreciate that not every product is the same and the way that it’s used differs significantly from user to user. Therefore, we aim to get under the bonnet of your product or service to gain a clear understanding, so we can design and write documentation that fulfils its purpose.

JBPRM can design and write your technical documents. We work closely with our customers to ensure final documents meet stakeholder expectations.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you with designing and writing your technical publications, get in touch.