The Marketing Plan – A Guiding Light

Marketing StrategyYou may have heard the term ‘strategic marketing’ but not be entirely sure what it means, or exactly why your business needs it. Strategic Marketing is about selecting the right routes to the market for your products or services, whilst developing and maintaining a competitive advantage over rivals. 

Companies operating in the process, power and energy sectors face tough competition from many different directions.  Monitoring these constantly-changing markets while keeping yourself competitive, can consume a great deal of precious time; time that could be spent focusing on your broader business goals. 

The Marketing Plan

The development of a formal Marketing Plan that details the marketing strategy and a plan of the critical marketing activities, can really help a business navigate a path to success. Our Marketing Plans aim to answer the following questions:

  • What is the current business situation?
  • What are the sales and marketing objectives?
  • What markets and segments will be targeted?
  • What is the brand/product/service positioning strategy?
  • What methods and media will be used to communicate to market?
  • What will be the schedule of marketing activities?
  • What monitoring and reporting will be used? 

As part of our marketing plan, we will also review your brand and assess this brand identity in light of the current business situation. The current business situation (AKA Situational Analysis), includes a thorough appreciation of both internal and external business factors.

Chartered Institute of Marketing Standards

Our Strategic Marketing approaches are all in-line with the latest professional standards, and benefit from our access to marketing expertise and professional expert resources from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). Your Marketing Plan will be developed by a Chartered Marketer with support from our cross-disciplined team.

Chartered Marketer

CIM Marketing Expert


Our holistic approach to marketing planning integrates all areas of a businesses operations to identify and connect opportunities, uncovering crucial insights that will lay the foundations for a successful strategy for your organisation. As part of the Marketing Plan development process, we like to conduct a number of workshops (face-to-face or on-line), that are aimed at bringing to life the information previously obtained by client email/desk research. This approach allows the Marketing consultant to grasp the nuances sometimes missed from simply reading the written word.

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