Software engineering is the systematic application of engineering approaches to the development of software. It integrates the skills of computer and management science, and plays a vital role in the power and energy sectors where operation systems and applications are relied upon for the smooth running of essential processes.

Due to the industry‘s increasing reliance on technology, Software Engineering is currently seeing considerable investment. The growing complexity of tech and emerging industries has increased the need for highly skilled software engineers, and the need for technological solutions to modern problems is a key factor in the sector’s growth.

Technology fuelling growth of software engineering market

Automation, such as computer-aided design and manufacturing, is expanding opportunities in the sector and fuelling a rise in start-ups. Since technology is evolving at such an incredible pace, so are the opportunities for software development products and services. However, the necessity for ever more complex systems is adding a financial burden to SMEs, who may respond by limiting their marketing efforts or investing only in the core operations of the business and ignoring integral sales and marketing efforts.

Although this may be a well-intentioned effort to streamline outgoings, it will not result in long-term benefits for your business. Limiting your business development efforts will inevitably mean limiting growth, and neglecting marketing and sales will make your brand invisible at a time when it most needs to be seen.

Holistic and integrated marketing

Luckily, there’s a solution that will increase your visibility while also optimising the cost-effectiveness of your operations. JBPRM offer a holistic and integrated solution that bypasses high-risk strategy options such as hiring and training workforces from the ground up. We’ve streamlined our working model so we’ll be able to hit the ground running, with no awkward in-between phase. Our extensive experience with software engineering companies mean we speak your language. It also means we have a roster of industry contacts and knowledge that we can leverage to your immediate advantage.

JBPRM’s simple model enables clients to have an industry specialist Chartered Marketer (CM) embedded within their business along with a seasoned team of industry experts.
With no high-risk strategies or the prohibitive expense of hiring and training marketing, sales and business development teams, your company can benefit from the immediate and seamless integration of a comprehensive business development workforce. In this way, JBPRM will support you as a key catalyst for growth.

Spanning the end-to-end value chain of a business, our value lies in our ability to understand your business, develop close communication with internal stakeholders while continually seeking working synergies. We’ll help you to identify and connect opportunities, uncovering crucial insights that will lay the foundations for successful strategies throughout your organisation.

A solution to the pressures of increased competition

Companies operating in the software engineering market face tough competition from many different directions.  Although greater competition fuels investment, it also presents challenges for smaller companies who may struggle to get their voice heard.  Monitoring this constantly changing market while keeping yourself competitive, can consume a great deal of precious time; time that could be spent focusing on your broader business goals.

For a comprehensive solution, get in touch with JBPRM and see how you can easily and inexpensively develop and maintain a competitive advantage in the evolving software engineering market.