Unleash the Power

A social media marketing strategy will help your brand tackle its goals with a sense of purpose. What was once an easy way for you to keep in touch with friends and family has become a powerful marketing tool that helps businesses connect with their consumers, gather feedback from them and increase their visibility.

However, trying to build and position a brand through social media without a defined strategy can be counterproductive. You might find yourself directionless, posting indiscriminately for no particular audience and with little or no returns. We can help you to set and achieve goals that bolster your overall Marketing Strategy.

Social Media Management

We know LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube…

Whether you’re new to social media or not, we’ll work with you to provide clear objectives and a plan of action; giving you a clear direction on the What, Why, When and How of your social media efforts.

Customers are invited to meet with one of our consultants who will explain the benefits of social media, the types (Organic and Payed Sponsored/Advertising Services), and how to make the best use of the technology.

Benefits that include:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • More site traffics
  • New leads
  • Increased revenue (by increasing sign-ups or sales)
  • Greater brand engagement
  • An engaged community around your business
  • Social customer service
  • Increased mentions in the press
  • Feedback and direct access to conversations around your brand

LinkedIn Services

LinkedIn has become a very important and effective tool in developing business. Our LinkedIn consultant (LinkedIn Guru), works closely with our telemarketing consultant to provide a seemless lead generation service. Despite LinkedIn being a social media tool by it’s very nature, at JBPRM, we treat it as a unique business development tool for reaching out and engaging with target audiences.

LinkedIn is far more than just a professsional profile and provides an array of options for integration into a wider marketing strategy. Using the tool in a wider communications campaign, we have been very successful in developing significant numbers of productive sales meetings.

The services we offer:

  • Personal Profile Optimisation
  • Corporate Profile Optimisation
  • LinkedIn Training
  • Post Optimisation & IntegrationLinkedIn
  • Search Word Analysis
  • Organic Reach Campaigns
  • Organic Engagement Campaigns
  • Organic Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Sponsored & Promoted Campaigns

If you would like to find out more about how we can support you with LinkedIn either as a stand alone initiative, as part of a wider social media campaign, or part of a wider reaching marketing strategy, get in touch.

Content Development

Whether your looking to post news, advertise webinars, or post video content across your chosen channels, we have all the bases covered. We can provide a complete solution for graphic design, photography & video, to ensure you deliver stunning rich content time after time.

Social Media Plan

  1. A review of the client’s situation with Wants-Needs Assessment (we can help with how social media supports marketing strategy)
  2. A review of the current social media strategy (What, Why, When, How)
  3. Development of a plan of action and responsibilities for delivery (including clear costings)
  4. Activity starts on platforms that are most applicable to the chosen sector. These include LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram

If you feel you could be using social media more effectively, or want to set up a strategy from scratch, contact us.