Rose Tero

Consultant Partner – Technical Writing & Publications

With more than 7 years of experience working for big-name brands across energy, business and finance, Rose is a strategic marketing consultant and copywriter with a proven history of writing clear, consistent and engaging copy for a range of audiences including, clients, consumers, senior managers and colleagues.

Since graduating in 2015, Rose has led the management of the blogs, social media accounts and marketing campaigns for companies in Oxford and London, as well as producing freelance writing assignments for others, worldwide.

After a stint as the Lead Writer for a global content agency based in Putney, London, Rose set up her own company, focusing on digital strategy and content production that achieves client results and exceeds expectations.

As someone who has witnessed the evolution of digital strategy first-hand, Rose is sensitive to the ever-changing demands and ideals of a newly digitised audience. Her unique perspective enables her to structure copy in order to appeal to computer code and as part of a wider, data-driven strategy.