Creative Writing

Creative writing can benefit your marketing campaigns greatly – we combine the art of creative writing with advertising to help generate awareness and positive responses to products, services and businesses. The competition in areas of the Process, Power and Energy markets creates challenges in reaching customers, and traditional forms of marketing are yielding lower and lower returns e.g. advertising alone. That’s why we are keen on leveraging content across social media and other digital platforms in creative ways.

Brand Positioning

Our marketing public relations and advertising services play an important role in the branding and positioning of products and services. Not only that,  with the right written content in the right way, we can drive a positive perception of the business.

Public Relations

Any advertising campaigns you run should always incorporate marketing PR since many online and offline journals bundle advertising and editorial opportunities together, saving you considerable effort and cost. Being close to the editors in power, energy and process markets, allows JBPRM to take advantage of these cost savings. Together with the industry journal and main stream publication editors, we will put together a media calendar that delivers effective coverage.

Our Marketing PR services can:

  • Assist in the launch of new products
  • Assist in re-positioning for a mature market
  • Build interest in a product or service category
  • Influence specific target groups
  • Defend products that have encountered issues in the market
  • Build a corporate image that reflects positively on products and services

Understanding Buyer Behaviour

At JBPRM, we understand that organisations operating in the Process, Power, and Energy markets, behave and think in certain ways. As a result, we appreciate that a failure to understand the buying process within these markets, can have a detrimental effect on a customer’s ability to generate tangible results regarding leads and ultimately sales opportunities.

Influencers & Decision Makers

Using our understanding of both the buying process and the buying team’s needs for information to decide on their preferred supplier solution, JBPRM can deliver informative and creative writing content (Features, Advantages, & Benefits), to drive the effective positioning of your key products and/or services.

We can provide creative copy for both online and offline journals and any other suitably chosen requirement for exhibitions or conferences. We do this through the creation of content such as:

Creative writing examples:

  • Press Releases
  • Product Stories
  • Application Stories
  • Feature Articles
  • White Papers
  • Brochures
  • Fliers
  • Advertisements

Delivering Effective Campaigns

Utilising decades of sector insight, technical and complex writing projects can be taken on and fully understood. We have the experience and resources to deliver an effective, integrated campaign. We have the experience to work with your internal teams (e.g. schedule the delivery of raw content, provide content advice), to provide a seemless service.

Our Service Features:

  • Client team organisation & advice
  • Focal Point for publication editors
  • Adaptation to editor style requirements
  • Annual PR/Features Calendar
  • Opportune publication opportunities
  • Industry events and their publication opportunities
  • Copywriting or Ghost writing options

Let JBPRM take the hard work out of managing your journal public relations. A carefully written case study, product story, or technical feature article, creates interest and intrigue. Interest and intigue lead directly to enquiries. Get in touch to arrange an exploratory chat.