Marketing Public Relations

Marketing PR has proven itself to be a very useful tool for informing and generating interest in products and services to companies that operate in the power, energy and process markets. JBPRM have the experience and skills to deploy innovative creative writing campaigns to drive sales of your offer no matter how technical or complex.
At JBPRM, we understand that organisations operating in the power, energy, and process markets, behave and think in certain ways. As a result, we appreciate that a failure to understand the buying process within these markets, can have a detrimental effect on a customer’s ability to generate tangible results regarding leads and ultimately sales opportunities.
Using our understanding of both the buying process and the buying team and members timing needs for information to decide on the preferred supplier solutions, JBPRM can deliver informative creative writing copy or content (Features, Advantages, & benefits), to drive the effective positioning of your key products and/or services.
We can provide creative copy for both online and offline journals and any other suitably chosen requirement for exhibitions or conferences. We do this through the creation of content such as:

  • Product Stories
  • Editorials
  • Feature Articles
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • Brochures
  • Fliers
  • Speeches

Utilising JBPRM’s decades of engineering insight, technical and complex writing projects can be taken on and fully understood. This transcends through to the creation of first class copy by our highly experienced associate writers.

Marketing Public Relations and Advertising

Marketing Public Relations plays an important role in branding and positioning products and services. It should always be planned along with advertising as many online and offline journals bundle advertising and editorial opportunities together that can save considerable effort and cost. Being close to the editors in power, energy and process markets, allows JBPRM to take advantage of these cost savings.

  • Assisting in the launch of new products
  • Assisting in repositioning for a mature market
  • Building interest in a product or service category
  • Influencing specific target groups
  • Defending products that have encountered issues in the market
  • Building a corporate image that reflects positively on products and services

JBPRM delivers Results

JBPRM can create the most effective integrated campaign for companies wishing to sell into the energy, power, or process markets. Whether your company is a start-up, a company from outside the UK looking to enter these markets, or even simply a UK SME looking for a campaign leader to inject sales into a specific offer, JBPM has the experience to deliver the results you expect.