Technical Marketing & Business Development

Market Context

According to Guy Kirkwood, chief evangelist at RPA company UiPath, it is not the blue-collar work that needs automation in the UK. In fact, his experience shows that Britain is one of four leading economies to adopt automation of white-collar office tasks (that is, the use of software robots, rather than physical robots that you see in factories). He also suggests that 73% of the UK firms his company surveyed expected their operating costs to improve as a result of automating business processes — as well as 65% predicting revenue growth and 62% forecasting increased profitability. According to a market research report conducted by IndustryArc, the aim to limit human interaction to achieve optimum accuracy has emerged as the prime reason for the process automation market growth. What does this say, Industrial Process & Automation is not going away anytime fast, and JBPRM has a good understanding of the market and can help you reach out and prosper.

Key Areas

  • Industrial Plant & Equipment
  • Electro-Mechanical Machinery
  • Communications Support Services
  • Electro-Mechanical Support Services
  • Electronic Support Services
  • Software Engineering
  • Professional Support Services

Our Core Strength

Using our inert experience and knowledge coupled with our actual project experience working with companies in this sector, we have strength supporting companies operating within the manufacturing sector:

  • All Hardware (Products)
  • All Software (Products)
  • All Support Services