An Investment

Personal marketing is a worthwhile investment for career growth or even preparation for a new role. As an art, it is also, much more versatile than people believe and should be part of any personal development plan. Simply put, personal marketing can not only be a very powerful tool to get a person ahead of the crowd, when applied to a whole team, it can enable that team to be much more effective.

Perception inside and out

Personal Marketing’s power comes from its support towards change and a better way of both doing business and living your life. Consider how we use our times, how we approach tasks, how we approach meeting new people, or manage colleagues. Personal marketing is not just about how you are perceived to other people, it is about how you feel inside and what you believe. When the internal change meets the external change, transformation is possible.

What we do

The programme is personal and aims to provide people with a long-term mission and supporting objectives. This is underpinned by the creation of a realistically achievable vision to focus hearts and minds.

  • Making work environments work
  • Crafting of perception to position the self
  • Evaluation of current persona and impact on others
  • The importance of physical and mental activity
  • The analysis of situations to position for power plays
  • Preparing to win in situations and conversations
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming and Transactional Analysis
  • How to adapt classical marketing theory as a guide to success

Reasons for Personal Marketing?

  • You’re starting work for the first time, or you are starting a management role that requires the right state of mind.
  • You have started a new role and cannot see how you can progress and how you should make your mark to start the process of being noticed and appreciated by others around you.
  • You suffer low self-esteem around people and anxiety leads to doubts about your ability to compete and be successful
  • You or someone you know it going through a troubling situation and just need some guidance and structure to see it through.
  • Desire accelerated growth in your career and are looking to utilise personal marketing to achieve goals and ambitions.

If you feel either you or a colleague could benefit from personal marketing, please get in touch.