The JBPRM Team

Our team delivers a seamless service that has performed beyond our client’s expectations. Our forward thinking approach has been operating since 2017, and has broken away from the need to have an office full of people and the associated overheads. For more than two years, we have utilised conferencing tools and shared systems to deliver an affordable service. The effects of COVID-19 on modern day working, has resulted in more acceptance to professionals working remotely; the JBPRM operating model has always appreciated that all professionals deliver the best service from wherever they feel most comfortable.

Jonathan Brindley - Managing Consultant - Marketing Strategy & Planning - JBPRM

Jonathan Brindley

Managing Consultant - Marketing Strategy & Planning

Jonathan is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM). He has over 20 years’ industry experience working in world-class organisations in the process, power and energy sectors, where he has first-hand experience of managing both marketing and business development departments, with considerable influence over board decisions, and subsequent product/service growth strategies. He has had significant experience of developing business with process, power and energy related goods and services.

Amanda Brewer - Consultant Partner – Event and Exhibition Management - JBPRM

Amanda Brewer

Consultant Partner – Event and Exhibition Management

Amanda’s passion for delivering exceptional events has grown over the 20 years she has been in the industry.  Having managed multiple events within the energy sector, including worldwide exhibitions, targeted customer conferences, full company roll-out training programmes and hospitality. With careful planning, attention to detail and scrupulous organisation, Amanda and her DUO Team will manage every aspect of your event. With a track record that spans projects across the globe, a first class event above expectation is assured.

Andrew Kotek

Andrew Kotek

Consultant Partner - Online Lead Generation

As a leading figurehead for LinkedIn training and campaign management, Andrew frequently attracts over a hundred attendees to his LinkedIn workshop events. Following research that showed that businesses were massively underestimating the positive impact that utilising LinkedIn effectively would have on their profits, Andrew set out to assist B2B organisations connect with their target audience through inbound and outbound marketing. Andrew has a proven track record of delivering results.

Neil Gentleman Hobbs

Neil Gentleman Hobbs

Consultant Partner - Offline Lead Generation

A specialist door opener and a telephone based business development & lead generation expert. For clients in Digital (full service agency plus outsourced front & back end devs), Grant funding, Management excellence (ISO9001, 14001, 18001 and 27001), Education (On-line Apps, outdoor learning and books), Manufacturing Bodies (2) , Engineering, Pharma, Finance and Environmental. Also an award winning Football content generator, ghost writer and blogger. Versatility, credibility, and seasoned negotiation skills as standard.

Jay Pipavat

Jay Pipavat

Consultant Partner - Digital/Web-based Communication Systems Development

Described as an IT pioneer and owner of the now well-known and established digital systems consultancy operating for UK companies, Jay is a renowned expert in the field of mobile and web-based applications. With responsibility for website and online systems development, Jay has consistently delivered solutions that provide significant business value enabling both cost reductions and increased turnover, for a host of clients.

Jason Burns

Consultant Partner - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)/Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Jason has been involved with website creation and marketing since 2007. In that time much has changed and even though SEO is a complex subject and not as simple as many to make out to be, the art of delivering good results is subject to keeping up to date with daily Google algorithm updates. With Google continually moving the goal posts, SEO has become a rapidly evolving and changing industry. As a Google Partner, he an expert in AdWords planning and execution.

Consultant Partner – Brand Design, Print Solutions & Digital Communications

Steven Messer

Consultant Partner – Brand Design, Print Solutions & Digital Communications

A highly creative and experienced designer and art director, Steve specialises in innovative solutions for print and digital communications. He has a global design background working on major marketing accounts in the UK, Latin America and the USA. Steven brings a wealth of experience from working across various sectors including Power, Energy, Manufacturing, FMCG, Finance, Food and Education.


Rose Tero

Consultant Partner - Social Media Management, Creative Writing & Publications

With more than 7 years of experience working for big-name brands across energy, business and finance, Rose is a strategic marketing consultant and copywriter with a proven history of writing clear, consistent and engaging copy. Rose has led the management of the blogs, social media accounts and marketing campaigns for major energy companies in the UK, as well as producing freelance writing assignments for others, worldwide.

Marketing Assistant & Research Lead - JBPRM - Chartered Marketing Consultancy

Emily Munton

UgCS Account Manager / Newark Office Manager

Emily fulfils several roles within the company. As Account Manager for UgCS the day to day management of orders sits with her role. A second part of her role is to work closely with the consultant team to enable a seamless transfer of information and ideas. She also acts as the general office manager and so takes responsibility for general office organisation which includes ensuring associates involved in project delivery, are fully aware of the project plan, and aware of any changes received – technical or commercial.