Mechanical Engineering is the study of objects and systems in motion and, as such, touches on nearly every aspect of modern life. Within the power and industry sector, Mechanical Engineers play an integral role that centres around the research and development of components and systems that optimise the performance of equipment and improve overall cost-effectiveness.

A Mechanical Engineer needs to take a product from idea to marketplace – ensuring that it’s optimally designed for functionality and durability. The ability of the product or system to perform without failure is of particular importance in the power and energy sector where system failures or outages can be costly and highly damaging to the operator’s brand or operations.

Mechanical Engineering market strong despite uncertainties

The sheer breadth and importance of this field means this is an industry that’s performing well, economically, and is forecast for considerable growth, even despite the uncertainty of Brexit. Technology and the ongoing need for innovation has forged new avenues for growth and many companies and start-ups are already taking advantage of this.

Regardless of these positives, the sector is typically characterised by relatively small, often family-owned companies, who may not have the resources or know-how to enforce a powerful marketing strategy. New opportunities that are appearing in the sector are failing to translate into new business for many of these companies who are struggling to get their products and services seen by the right people.

The margin pressures introduced by the revaluation of the Pound sterling are also impacting these smaller companies, who may be struggling to keep themselves competitive on a more limited budget.

Cost-effective solution to competition and tighter margins

Luckily, JBPRM offers a cost-effective and integrated solution for SMEs who need the power of a seasoned marketing, sales and business strategy team behind them, yet don’t want the huge investment of hiring and training these workforces.

Investing time and money into hiring, recruiting and managing marketing and lead generation teams is a high-risk strategy, especially when attempting to create, develop, grow, and control your brand in the UK when your business is not a UK resident company. Through embedding a Chartered Marketer and team of industry experts directly into your Mechanical Engineering business, JBPRM eradicates the time and expense of building a team from the ground up.

Since JBPRM focuses on supporting companies who operate in our specialist sectors, we can speak their language and are adept at grasping technical concepts quickly. With Consultant Director Jonathan Brindley as the focal point within the JBPRM business, clients can be confident that detailed challenges faced, along with proposed activity plans, will be assimilated in the context of sector drivers.

A tailored approach to your company’s needs

There is no one-size-fits all approach when it comes to businesses in the Mechanical Engineering sector. That’s why we’ll work with you to establish the best way to support your company’s development phase & structure, objectives and goals, to budget and within a measurable time frame. As an integrated and holistic business development service, JBPRM will be a key catalyst for growth. Spanning the end-to-end value chain of a business. Our value lies in our ability to understand your business, develop close communication with internal stakeholders, and continually seek working synergies.

If you’re worried about how your Mechanical Engineering company is going to face the unique challenges and opportunities of this decade head on, JBPRM can help. Get in touch to discuss how our model can support your business in becoming more successful and profitable than ever before.