Mentoring is Proven

Marketing Mentoring has been proven to help people from all business types and industries with their career progression, personal development, and career success. However, it is very important that individuals that work in the power and energy markets fully understand their role and how it contributes to the corporate mission. As every person involved in mentoring has their own unique experiences, the needs and objectives differ and so need to be fully understood, planned for, and achieved.

Whether you are a market analyst of a multi-national oil & gas company, a senior manager of a medium sized inspections company, an owner of newly-formed start-up, or simply interested to understand the potential for marketing in your business, marketing mentoring from JBPRM can help make sense of how Marketing tools and approaches, can ensure business success.

Expert Mentoring

Mentoring with JBPRM is conducted by Jonathan Brindley. He has over 20 years’ experience working in the Sales & Marketing departments of leading companies operating within the power and energy sectors. Jonathan is Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and an approved CIM Mentor.

The Facts

  • Generally, professionals who have a mentor earn more than those who don’t.
  • 75% of high earners highlight mentoring as playing a key role in their careers.
  • Mentoring provides independent advice about your work goals and ambitions
  • It helps individuals develop the capabilities and skills needed to be successful

Feel the Force

Mentoring programmes can help employees help their businesses grow. Mentoring is a powerful force for change because it can help someone:

  • Focus time on the value-adding activities that support their business objectives.
  • Sharing knowledge and helping them to develop strategies to increase revenue streams and identify channels to market.
  • Receiving feedback and validation from a respected third party gives them the confidence that they are making the right choices!

Drive Change

If you or someone you know cites a lack of time, lack of expertise, or lack of confidence in making tough decisions to really drive the change required, get in touch.