Jason Burns

Consultant Partner – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)/Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Jason has been involved with website creation and marketing since 2007. In that time much has changed and even though SEO is a complex subject and not as simple as many to make out to be, the art of delivering good results is subject to keeping up to date with daily Google algorithm updates. With Google continually moving the goal posts, SEO has become a rapidly evolving and changing industry.

Originally began as a PPC (Pay Per Click) consultant but ultimately realised that the fundamental increase in online sales and business is with organic (natural) search. Over the last 6 years, the average comparative cost to obtain a sale (conversion) between natural SEO and paid PPC is 70-210% more via paid search. Releasing this, the passion revolves around continually understanding Google’s natural search algorithm to help small and medium sized businesses become known in this saturated online marketplace. It is unfair for these types of sized businesses to be paying the same price expected by the larger international organisations, a fundamental issue that Google simply has not yet tackled or even cares about. Jason is also a Google Partner and works with 20+ private clients for his account.