Sales Director

(High Value Engineering Service Provider)

“Thanks Jonathan, you really have put together a useful service here with JBPRM, so well done. Things have certainly been made easier since we brought your team onboard, and with you running the show – knowing what you know – I am happy to recommend that we make our relationship longer-term and begin the process of transferring responsibility”

Managing Director

(Leading Energy Services Provider)

“Jonathan’s ability to understand what we are saying to a high level of detail, formulate the options, drive through agreements across our technical managers and commercial team, and then to work the requirements with his team, has been outstanding. I have no hesitation recommending other companies using JBPRM, or speaking highly of the service we continue to receive.”

Tony Taylor

“Jonathan’s technical knowledge is unquestionable along with an excellent commercial understanding when face to face with customers. Jonathan is an outstanding professional who I would highly recommend.”

David Carter

“It was obvious that he was an asset to the department and to the company… his enthusiasm and flair for creative solutions shone through.”

Duran Nernekli

“I had great pleasure working with Jonathan. I have been consistently impressed by both Jonathan’s leadership and management skills with his motivation to drive his team towards achieving goals.”

John Low

“As a trained professional in sales and marketing he could analyse complex and challenging issues very effectively and make winning recommendations. His drive to succeed at whatever task he was set was notable.”

Peter Flockhart

“Jonathan’s sharp mind allows him to develop an understanding of technical issues and potential solutions leading to an excellent solution for customers. He has demonstrated that he can analyse complex and challenging issues extremely effectively.”

Richard Liversidge

“Jonathan is a great colleague to work with. Sharp minded and a professional in his business. He goes the extra mile in all his does, gets the details correct and possesses a ‘can do’ attitude”