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How important is a social media presence in a B2B and industrial environment? Regardless of the type or size of your business, being active on social media is more or less essential these days.

You may think that social media marketing is the remit of more customer-facing industries, but that’s not the case. In the context of industrial marketing, social media helps you to stay involved with conversations surrounding your brand, industry and solutions. It communicates authority in a way that feels authentic and genuine and builds organic engagement.

Thought leadership

The ability to demonstrate thought leadership in your industry is integral for establishing confidence in potential customers. Customers are increasingly discerning about which businesses they support, so they’ll likely browse your website and social media channels before committing to buy – especially those in the B2B space. 

Robust, regularly updated profiles will build your brand’s authority and ensure you make a positive first impression through social media, showing that your business is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and approachable. All content that you share to social media should, therefore, be tailored around demonstrating this expertise, driving brand awareness and positioning you as a thought leader. This is where social media demonstrates particular value as an industrial marketing tool – but only if you are able to deliver content that’s genuinely insightful and valuable.

Expanding reach

Another important function of social media is its ability to expose you to a wider audience. With almost 3 billion people using social channels, its influence should not be underestimated.

By using social media to increase brand awareness and visibility, you can amplify your downstream marketing activities and, ultimately, increase your lead generation potential. As part of an integrated communications campaign, it’s invaluable as a low cost driver of sales and engagement.

Grow affordably

Marketing costs can really add up, so any platform that can connect you with your audience, for almost no money, while growing your business and expanding towards your goals should be embraced. 

Most social channels are 100% free to set up and don’t require any particular expertise or training to keep up and running. Free (or low cost) online tools make it easy to automate many of your posts too, so the overall time commitment can be low.

Where to start?

Before beginning with a social media campaign, understand who you’re trying to reach and what goals you want to achieve.

A simple plan that focuses on developing a strategy and engaging with your customers is great, but stay aware of your long-term goals and what you’re ultimately hoping to achieve from social outreach. It could be more leads, an improved reputation, building a mailing list… whatever it is, make sure every action you take contributes, in some small way, to this ultimate goal.

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