Ground Penetrating Radar (Drone GPR or UAV GPR) Survey

In most cases, GPR UAV surveys are hard work and can be very dangerous for field personnel due to harsh topographic environments and weather conditions.

This is where drone GPR/UAV GPR comes into play. They are lightweight (compared to a manned airplane or a helicopter), easily transportable by car and capable of flying autonomously at low altitudes with high precision. Such an approach assures consistent delivery of accurate survey results, is also safer for personnel and more time-efficient.

Drone GPR enables to see through the surface of ground, ice, rocks, freshwater, and buildings or through structures at unsafe and hazardous environments without compromising the safety of staff, providing an additional solution for more efficient ground scanning surveying.

To enable full integration of the radar and drone SPH Engineering has developed a lightweight onboard data logger and the support of UAV GPR for the ground control software for drones – UgCS. The result of the integration – the radar status and its current trace is displayed on the screen of UgCS (see Figure 1); Data logging is started automatically at take-off and finished upon landing.

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UgCS Flight Software with Ground Penetrating RadarGPR

Figure 1. UgCS ground control software displaying GPR status.

UAV GPR Services – Ground Penetrating Radar


Radar Systems Zond-12e #Drone 1000a #GPR system is applicable to detect small objects with a diameter starting from 8cm and pipes/cables with a diameter starting from 3cm. The GPR UAV integrated system can be used both with a drone or for terrestrial surveys if conditions don’t allow to use a drone.


The GPR-drone integrated system enables to measure the depth of water or profiling the bottom of freshwater rivers, lakes, ponds up to 15 meters in depth.


Strata profiling is a standard task that needs to be done before any serious area development or construction works. The standard technique is drilling dozens of holes or conducting a UAV GPR survey on carts. GPR UAV integrated system (see figure 2), delivers higher work productivity and enables safer work conditions for the personnel in cases of rough terrain.


Mapping of underground infrastructure is an important task before starting any construction works on brown field sites or in cases when actual documentation and maps for underground infrastructure is missing. Drone-based survey (UAV GPR scanning/UAV GPR), does this quickly and accurately.


Acquire the best possible data by flying the GPR as low as possible mimicking the relief of the surface. Adding an altimeter to the system will enable to fly in True Terrain Following mode. UgCS SkyHub enables the drone to fly at low altitudes (up to 1 meter) without a need to import precise Digital Elevation Model (DEM) height-map into UgCS.

For more information on Ground Penetrating Radar (UAV GPR Scanning or UAV GPR), follow this link: Ground Penetrating Radar


Drone Mounted GPR

Figure 2. The GPR-drone (DJI M600Pro) integrated system.

GPR Drone Price Options

The prices of the UAV GPR sensors vary with the application and for a good all rounder, the Zond 12a 500A from UgCS is popular the world over. To see what drones are for sale and the drone price options from the UgCS range, get in touch.