Technical Authority and Outsourced Sales & Marketing Function

About the Customer

The customer is an ambitious asset maintenance and fabrication contractor working both across the power and energy sectors. With the company targeting significant growth year on year over a 5 year plan, they were looking for a consultancy that both spoke the same language, had an ear to the floor with what was going on in the sectors they were working, and could deliver more than just the a standard marketing service. They were looking for a technical authority who would be able to offer a complete package of expert advice able to introduce trusted sources of marketing and business development support, that could be accessed quickly, and delivered tangible value. JBPRM continue to develop a close working, long-term relationship with the customer.

Marketing Technical Authority

As a Marketing Consultancy with Chartered expertise coupled with the experience you only realise from Fellow status at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, JBPRM are uniquely positioned to advise the customer on all the technical and legal aspects of marketing. Of special interest to the customer was the availability of a technical expert (albeit outsourced), like what they already had in their business for other engineering disciplines. This TA approach was familiar and suited their business. As independent chartered marketing consultants, JBPRM will seek the most cost-effective solution whether that requires services to be sourced with existing client partners or using JBPRM associate partners.

Rebrand and Launch of New Corporate Identity

JBPRM have a wealth of experience of rebranding and took the full management of the project to outline the rebrand process, co-ordinate the resources required to deliver it, and to manage the launch of the new corporate identity. The project required the management of the process for idea generation, shortlist selection, idea exploration, final selection, and full graphical design and the implementation across the business via a launch campaign.

Multi-functional Website Development

To support the rebrand and a new business structure, JBPRM were instructed to manage the outsourcing of a new multi-functional website. This website would be developed to be much more than a shop window. The lead-chartered marketing consultant at JBPRM drafted the specification for the website with the support of the customer management team, and utilising JBPRM’s associate for digital and online creativity & communications, was quickly able to identify the most-cost effective method to develop the functionality required. The complete programme for the development, including the required milestones, and review dates were managed by JBPRM. JBPRM co-ordinated the website hosting and manage the ongoing maintenance.

Sales Process Development/Account Management

With intricate knowledge of developing sales and business development processes, JBPRM were ideally placed to assess the current improvements required in the sales process, focus on gaps to close, and then to identify and introduce the right CRM approach. This provided the customer with an integrated approach that considered existing systems and contracts for example, utilising their existing accounting system but adding a new digital marketing toolset. Working closely with providers and integrators, JBPRM managed the complete project. Using the CRM system, account management is being undertaken meaning JBPRM managing day to day communications with key accounts.

Sales & Business Development

A real strength of JBPRM is the ability to conduct a comprehensive business development campaign using multiple approaches depending on the need. In this instance, using the associate trusted expertise for Sales Pipeline Development, Inbound Development, a pipeline of leads was created that could be pushed through the sales qualification process to result in opportunities requiring face to face meetings. These face to face meetings involved the customer MD and supported by our lead consultant. These results have been truly astonishing and the reason for this success must be down to JBPRM knowledge of the sectors and being able to understand the customer language and point of view. These opportunities were all tracked and managed on the CRM system with transparency across the business. JBPRM is now investigating exhibitions via our associate partner.

JBPRM Delivered Services

  • Chartered Independent Advice
  • Rebranding and Positioning
  • Development of New Digital Platforms
  • Sales Process Development
  • Business Development Service
  • Account Management


JBPRM have the experience and expertise to build and develop sales streams for start-ups, and small to medium sized businesses operating in the Power & Energy markets. These sales streams can be for new product launches, existing products that simply need a helping hand, or perhaps a more general sales push across multiple product or service lines.