EPC – O&M Contractor

UK Marketing Agency Partner

The Client

Based in Europe, our client has been developing reliable and sustainable water solutions to a vast array of industries for decades. Purifying waste water which can be used to recover heat through sustainable processes they have been providing high-quality water services in sectors such as petrochemical, food processing, power generation and more. Any sector using water based solutions for manufacturing are their client with reducing the water footprint at the front of their key values. Through designing, financing, building and operating water plants their knowledge and expertise are second to none as a complete turnkey player. As supporters of the Net Zero 2050 strategy they are providing solutions to a cleaner, greener and more sustainable planet for generations to come.

Building an Awareness Strategy in the UK Marketplace

Despite being industry leaders throughout much of Europe our client needed a full marketing strategy within the UK as their presence was hardly recognized. JBPRM won the tender to work with them and formulate a strategy which would place themselves firmly against better known industry names.

Industry Research and Event Planning

A team from JBPRM was formed to carry out the required technical research based on our industry knowledge. We hosted online events on social media where we could invite potential customers and talk directly to them about what our client would be able to offer within the UK.

One team took to telemarketing numerous industries to build a bigger picture of requirements, pain points of existing suppliers and the market strength on which to build an in depth PR campaign. We wrote structured and informative white papers to present to the client based on the results, formulating the full PR campaign options. The client has extended our contract to expand the scope of the project based on the results of the tireless work our devoted team delivered.

JBPRM Delivered Services

Work carried out for this client included;

  • An already attained vast wealth of industry knowledge
  • Further technical research
  • Online events hosted
  • Marketing and business development strategies
  • Composing technical white papers
  • Dedicated telemarketing team
  • Gathering information about the potential UK market


With a wealth of industry knowledge we are able to carry out dedicated research, delivering the results our clients need before any movement is made into the potential sectors. Our expert services save the time our clients don’t have to deliver the right results every single time.