Design Engineers play a vital role in the modern power and energy market

Design Engineers provide an integral service in bridging the gap between traditional engineering and design. As power and energy networks become smarter and more complex, the sector is increasingly in need of skilled engineers and innovative solutions to fresh obstacles.

The UK power and energy infrastructure, which is largely ageing, depends on the technical expertise of Design Engineers who plan and develop assets, integrate new technology into various types of energy supply and are constantly improving the means by which power and energy are provided. This isn’t to mention the day-to-day delivery of services which operators rely on to keep everything up and running.

In short, the skills of Design Engineers are fundamental to ensuring the sector prospers in an increasingly global market.

New opportunities in the global market

Since Design Engineers are all about innovation and finding new and compelling solutions to existing issues, it’s little surprise that the global energy market is seeing an influx of products and services, designed to pre-empt tomorrow’s problems and find solutions for today.

Hardware, systems and new environmentally minded solutions are popping up to meet the demands of the day, carving out new possibilities for the future trajectory of the industry.

Increasingly, however, there’s a gap between operators who would benefit from these solutions and those who are offering them. Small to Medium sized service providers, with non-existent or inexperienced marketing and sales teams, are struggling to have their voices heard above the noise of the competition.

What’s the solution?

JBPRM offer an integrated and holistic business development service that focuses on getting your brand in front of the right people and catalysing your overall business growth.

As well as offering first rate Marketing Services, JBPRM can also support the creation of sustainable sales pipelines. We understand that, before significant investment in Marketing Communications (Events, PR, & Advertising to name but a few) can take place, sustainable sales income is required to effectively pay for it. We therefore offer this Sales first, Marketing later approach as it provides both a practical and realistic solution to growing a business.

Working with us enables you to bypass the lengthy and expensive process of hiring and training sales and marketing teams. Our simple model enables our clients to have an industry specialist Chartered Marketer (CM) seamlessly embedded within their business, immediately. Furthermore, we’ve spent time building a team of industry experts to support the CM, so you don’t have to. As specialist consultants to the business, they’ve demonstrated value for money, offering their services to JBPRM at preferential rates, meaning these savings can be passed on to our clients.

A tailored approach to your business needs

We understand that there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when it comes to your business. The first thing we’ll do is to work with you to conduct a thorough Wants-Needs Assessment to establish how we can best support your company’s development phase & structure, objectives and goals, to budget and within a measurable time frame. We have a unique understanding of the industry which informs everything we do. You can benefit from this experience in a short space of time, and to an affordable budget.

Despite the challenges, it’s an exciting time for Design Engineering products and services. The increasingly competitive UK and global market and constant need for innovative solutions to increasingly complex problems is driving the field into a new age. You can ensure that your company makes the most of these opportunities by gaining a strong foothold in the market, alongside the support of a tried and tested team of experts.