Services for UK and Overseas Customers

JBPRM is dedicated to creating solid foundations to ensure business is developed in a sustainable way:

  • Complete toolbox combined with a tried and tested approach
  • JBPRM offer for UK and Overseas customers
  • Extension or a Virtual Sales Team Agent (VSTA) service
  • Operating to a joined-up strategy delivering long-term added value.

Working alongside your Sales & Business Development teams

JBPRM can work alongside any sales or business development team in a seamless extension. We quickly agree the roles and responsibilities in the combined team and identify where JBPRM is needed to operate and where an effective handover should take place.

Entering the UK Power & Energy Sectors

JBPRM offers customers a Virtual Sales Team Agent (VSTA) that moves away from working strictly alongside any existing sales or business development team, to acting as the customer’s own sales team.

Our Virtual Sales Team Agent (VSTA) model is ideal for companies with ambitions to enter the UK power and energy sectors. It aims to support five types of need:

  1. Overseas businesses:
    1. Looking to enter the UK power or energy sectors with a new product or service
    2. Have a successful product or service in their home market and wish to sell to the UK power and energy sectors
    3. Are already present in other UK sectors with products and services and wish to take these existing products and services into the UK power and energy sectors.
  2. UK based businesses that:
    1. Have an existing product or service to sell to the power and energy
    2. Have an innovation that needs launching into power and energy

Low Risk Market Entry: Two Key Considerations

  1. In most cases, our customers will not have sales offices or teams in the UK as their market entry plans do not schedule investment for physical entry until a later time.
  2. When their businesses seek to enter new markets, it has often been a chicken and egg. This is where sales revenue is needed to allow the rest of the plan to be realised yet without investment, it has proven extremely challenging to get sales momentum.

Therefore, any business wanting to enter the UK power or energy sectors, should consider JBPRM. For further information, contact us at

A Complete Tool Box

JBPRM is the One Stop Shop for developing sustainable revenue and business or industry relationships:

  • Direct to Influencers & Decision Makers
    • JBPRM offers direct customer contact through direct marketing techniques using power/energy industry experienced and knowledgeable professionals. These tried and trusted professionals are briefed using our comprehensive customer campaign questionnaire.
    • We contact identified prospects directly via:
      • Telephone
      • E-mail
      • Web-conference
    • Industry Face-to-Face Visibility
      • Attendance at Industry exhibitions, conferences, seminars, & workshops, customer lunch and learn events, customer sales presentations or workshops, customer office meetings, and telephone & conference calls.
    • Personal Selling
      • With a full briefing and our expertise and knowledge, JBPRM can attend sales meetings to instigate interest, create need, develop a commercially agreeable solution, and close the deals.
    • Customer Relationship Management: Management of the customer relationship from first contact through to solution delivery. We can work with our customers to work seamlessly alongside and in support of existing business development or sales teams.
    • Customer Account Management: At JBPRM we can manage your accounts using either our customer’s customer account management system, or through setting up an account on our own customer focused account management system.
    • Progress Reports: Periodic reporting that keeps eyes on the prize and enables complete transparency of the service. At JBPRM, we offer a close working relationship of trust and commitment.

Go to Market: Programme Activities

Whether customers are new to the UK power and energy markets or not, JBPRM can tailor an approach to suit need.

The development of a ‘Go to Market’ programme requires key activities but depending on the need, some activities may not be required and may be modified or omitted from the programme:

  1. Understand your offer and Ideal Customer
  2. Identify the Market and Critical Success Factors
  3. Identify, Establish, and Manage Key Industry Relationships
  4. Manage Product Development and Funding Needs
  5. Establish the most appropriate Routes to Market
  6. Identify, Agree, and Manage your Customer Trials
  7. Develop, Agree, and Action Business Development Tasks
  8. Develop, Agree, and Action Marketing Tasks

Using this approach JBPRM can provide an effective Virtual Sales Team Agent (VSTA) service, utilising our industrial marketing techniques. JBPRM also offers technical authoring to make sure you get the most out of your business marketing.

For further information on our Business Development options, please contact us via the enquiry form, or email