The current asset integrity market

Asset integrity, or asset integrity management systems, refers to an asset’s capacity to run effectively and safely as well as processes in place to ensure the asset’s life cycle. Asset integrity applies to the entirety of an asset’s operation, from its design phase to its decommissioning and replacement.

Asset integrity managers face the challenge of balancing the costs of maintaining and replacing assets with the costs to business, such as time and resources. With this is mind, JBPRM are able to effectively bridge the gap between asset integrity managers and the services they need in order to maintain their asset’s integrity and the overall productivity of their operations.

Integrity services, such as dry ice blasting, surface preparation and asset cleaning, perform a vital function in the AIM supply chain. This is true, now more than ever, since much of the power and energy sector’s infrastructure is approaching its operational life expectancy, or is even beyond it. Corrosions and sudden shutdowns are on the rise, causing a huge financial toll on power and energy facilities and the customers who use them. With the cost of replacing assets, and the resultant downtime, prohibitively high for so many facilities, asset integrity has become a key priority in the industry.

Asset integrity services struggling to gain a foothold

Despite the fact that there are more AIM systems on the market than at any other point in the past, many of them are unable to find enough customers for their services, simply because their marketing efforts are failing to reach the eyes and ears of those who would benefit from them the most.

When a company is small or young, it likely won’t have a large marketing or sales team that’s able to establish the company within a new market. In addition, the cost of hiring and training teams like these will not be a feasible option for many SMEs.

What’s the solution?

For all these problems, JBPRM offers a comprehensive and economically viable solution. By integrating, seamlessly, within your existing operations, JBPRM can instantly give your company the benefit of decades of marketing experience and a team of specialists. There are no training costs and no bumpy beginnings. After a simple onboarding process that begins with an in-depth consultation to establish your company’s exact needs, JBPRM will be well-positioned to get a strategy into motion.

All solutions are entirely tailored to your company’s needs. We begin by analysing your business environment and gauging your internal capacity, before assessing your strategic options and implementing an effective marketing strategy that will get your product or services in front of the right people, at limited cost to your company. Our holistic solutions will leave you free to focus on the ‘bigger picture’ of your company’s goals.

As the power and energy markets change, so will the aims of your business. That’s why we work with you to constantly review progress and realign strategies. The asset integrity management industry, in particular, is in an exciting time of flux. You can benefit from if your brand is positioned to make the most of the opportunities. Without a targeted marketing strategy, however, you’re at risk of being left behind.

The challenges start-ups and overseas companies face

Although this is an exciting time for new and innovative asset maintenance solutions to join the market, the added competition means it’s challenging for start-ups to gain a foothold in an already crowded market. Foreign companies will also run into difficulty when attempting to enter the UK power and energy market, with no existing contacts and limited internal resources for launching a comprehensive marketing campaign.

JBPRM provide a risk-free approach for asset integrity management service providers. With our simple model that immediately embeds an industry specialist Chartered Marketer and team of consultants into your operations, you’ll be fully supported from Day 1.