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With an influx of new competitors and more switching, caused by the influence of digitisation, energy providers are feeling the pressure on their bottom lines. In this challenging environment, one of the best ways to show a commitment to innovation is with a strong content marketing strategy. 

Those in the energy industry can sometimes be ruthless when it comes to making marketing budget cuts; but with greater competition, this is no longer an area that you can afford to neglect. A content marketing plan performs several functions that will support multiple areas of your business, from new customer outreach to maintaining a positive brand image and reputation. 

If your internal marketing team does not have the time or knowledge to develop relevant and impactful content, JBPRM can seamlessly integrate a content marketing strategy into your existing efforts. We’ll then be able to monitor the results and analyse the ROIs, from increased website traffic, social media followers and sales, so you can see for yourself how content marketing can powerfully and directly impact your business.

Here are are 4 ways a content marketing strategy can help your business:

Stay current 

The modern world moves at an astonishing pace, especially given the changeability of the energy industry where advancements are being made, constantly. Not to mention environmental and geo-political factors that are constantly altering the playing field for energy providers and consumers alike.

Use a CMS to signal to your customers that you’re ahead of the curve (instead of stuck behind it) by updating your platforms regularly. Harness the range of content formats available to offer insights of varying degrees of depth. For example, social posts to scratch the surface, or in-depth whitepapers to really communicate solutions that match your current offerings and strategies.  

Foster trust

Content marketing enables companies to communicate honestly about their products and services. This is more important than ever for both large, established firms and smaller, entrepreneurial ones. Transparency is key in the energy industry where complex issues can leave customers feeling confused or duped.

It’s an unfortunate truth that customers don’t really trust brands. Authentic and engaging content is the best way to give a voice and personality to your brand that goes beyond the cold, corporate façade.

Build credibility 

Creating regular, informative content is a crucial aspect of communicating that you are a knowledgeable partner. 

You can offer tips, share industry updates, give opinions on important environmental factors… not only do you provide consistent value to your reader base but you’re conveying your authority as a thought leader and reliable commentator on these matters. It’s a subtle form of marketing that encourages sharing by offering genuine value. 

Stay connected 

Social media strategy is an integral part of content marketing. It’s a great tool for staying connected, engaging with and better understanding your customers. Respond to issues when they arise. Share updates when they come. Give your opinion on matters when they’re still topical.  

Your social channels are the embodiment of your content strategy, in real time. This is what humanises you in the eyes of your customers and makes you stand out from your competitors in an organic way. Show the world that you’re interested in more than just turning a profit by giving access to the personality behind your brand. 


Energy companies are well acquainted with the unpredictable, always-changing nature of their industry but, in an environment like this, it can be difficult to gain the trust of a large and diverse market of consumers. Content marketing is a reasonably straightforward solution to this, a fact that marketing teams are increasingly becoming aware of. Through the creation and use of infographics, blog posts, social media, vlogs and more, you can relay all kinds of very specific information to help you gain the trust of your consumers and build and maintain a positive brand image. 

More than this, looking at content marketing from a birds eye view, there are also myriad benefits when it comes to the overall SEO strategy of your business. More content that’s related to your brand means more entry points to your website, etc. It will also give you a greater online presence with regards to important, industry-related keywords. 

In fact, content creation is often considered to be the most effective SEO technique there is, giving those who post it regularly an average of 434% more pages indexed by search engines as compared to those who don’t publish at all. And the more content the better! 

Although having more pages doesn’t automatically result in higher traffic, having more of a presence will give you a better opportunity to rank for keywords. It’ll also give your site visitors more of a reason to stick around, and this higher on-time site will positively impact your search engine optimisation since Google sees time on site as an indicator that your website is highly valued. 

Content marketing isn’t an instant solution but a long-term strategy that carries with it a vast amount of benefits, both in terms of your business goals and the relationship you’re fostering with your consumers and audience. If you’d like to learn more about the potential benefits of content marketing or how a carefully implemented content marketing strategy might be able to help your company and its goals, get in touch with JBPRM for a free consultation. 

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